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C Exclusive

Born  in Honduras and came to the US in 2005.  I always had a passion for music and began to DJ (in Alexandria, VA) in 2008.  I then packed up and moved to Pasaic, NJ for 2 years.  Finally I arrived in Miami and became serious about perfecting my craft as a DJ.  I started out mixing on EL Sol 95.7 radio station, broadcasting live from the various clubs that I played at.  Once I began to create a buzz, I was hired to play at some of Miami’s hottest Latin clubs: Tipico  Domincano, Passions at the HardRock Café, Euphoria-Downtown Miami, Skyline-South Beach, just to name a few.  I also book private clients for Birthday parties, Weddings, Quinces etc…  Music saved my life and I’ve been blessed to have worked with some incredible Latin Artists: Don Checina, Fame Bachata, and BZ, to name a few.  The Sky is the limit and I’m just getting started…

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Dj J Rythm

John Garcia, known professionally as J Rythm is one of Los Angeles’ leading DJ’s amongst the air waves and the club scene.  Music is what motivates him and the crowd and his audience is what keeps him spinning.  He can be heard weekly on one of LA’s top radio stations Latino 96.3 and spinning music around Southern California’s premier hot spots.

J Rythm, a So Cal native, got his first break spinning at a club in Hollywood.  Since then the name J Rythm has become a household name throughout the elite Hollywood club scene.

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Eric D-Lux

Straight from the streets of Los Angeles come two of the hottest new talents in the market, Big Syphe and Eric D-Lux.  This dynamic duo has been making a huge noise on both the radio airwaves and DJ circuit since joining the Power 106 family just a few short years ago.  With their raw, up-beat, and straight from the streets personalities, these energetic 22 year olds have quickly become fan favorites.

Coming from humble beginnings, both began their love of music at a very young age.  Influenced by older cousins and friends, each was already fully engulfed in the DJ community by their early teens.  Saving up any money they could, each managed to buy records, mixers, turntables, needles, and everything else needed to start their journey.  Teaching themselves by watching and listening each picked up the art very quickly.

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Big Syphe

Watching Big Syphe win over a crowded club with his irresistible mix and irrepressible personality, it’s hard to image there was a time when the Los Angeles-native was too shy to tell people he was a DJ.

He made mix tapes for friends in junior high while secretly sharpening his turntable technique for the stage. Syphe says he was waiting for the right moment to unveil his hidden talent at one of the infamous backyard parties that were a major part of his high school experience. “In my neighborhood, you were either a DJ or in a party crew that was loyal to a certain DJ,” he says.

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DJ Chino

"DJ CHINO'S love for music began when he would play his father's records every Sunday morning as his mother did her routine house hold chores. He noticed how happy he made his mother when he would play tracks from artitsts like Diana Ross and Hall and Oats. (His favorite group of all time). "Not only did music always put a smile on my mom's face, but it also brought my parents together. Seeing their enjoyment every time I played music, is a childhood memory that I will never forget. It was then I discovered that music was truly a passion I had to pursue." Soon after his discovery, Chino slowly started making a name for himself spinning at lounges and private events.


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