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DJ New Era

DJ New Era is an Award-winning DJ that has the industry buzzing, Categorized as one of the top newcomer’s on the scene, At a young age of 25, Meet Eric Rosa, better known as DJ New Era from New York City. He started his career as a professional DJ just six years ago. For the last couple of years, DJ New Era has been recognized by the industry as having A new and refreshing take on a scene with an unexplainable energy and vibe that makes any party or venue the best experience a party goer can have, and it continues to evolve and grow more and more. This selection can be summed pp in a single phrase, “Let’s Dance” His growing reputation and success was picked up by Latin Mixx Awards and won the title for the “2011 DJ on the Rise”.

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DJ Scuff

William Jr. Walther Jiménez o mejor conocido como “DJ Scuff” “Scuff Selecta” o el “Ma Que Kracha” comenzó a inspirarse en el hip-hop de los años 90 cuando comenzó a escuchar diferentes grupos y estilos como son: Onyx, Lords of The Underground, Snopp Dogg, Dr. Dre en otros.

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DJ Jonathan Lopez

With over 13 years experience on the decks as well as a flare for on-the-fly remixes, DJ Jonathan Lopez always lights up the room with an intense and jaw dropping performance. His style has him transitioning seamlessly from hip hop to rock, house and latin to a collection of many genres of music mixed with relentless turntable mastery.

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DJ Louie Minaya

That figure that was once perceived to be the hidden gem that kept the vibe of a party alive, has now been thrust into the limelight.  DJs have become the unequivocal rock stars of today's entertainment scene.  But while many are just now trying to hop on the bandwagon, true talents start at a young age… like Louie Minaya.  At 16, he began to cultivate his skills behind the ones and twos at high school gatherings.  That quickly changed once he caught the attention of the masses under the DJ Eloo moniker.

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To party with DJ E.M. is to truly experience a connection that fills your ears and the airwaves with unparalleled energy and contagious enthusiasm for life, movement and music.

Born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and being exposed to family and friends in the DJ'ing industry, DJ E.M.'s talent and ear for music developed speedily as an adolescent. He acknowledged his gift and similar to every DJ in the industry, his career started as being the "Official Block Party DJ of the Neighborhood". As the fire hydrant was turned on and the barbecues roasted, the neighborhood danced in delight to the incredible sounds provided by DJ E.M. Word of mouth spread quickly and simultaneously, party-bookings as well. Soon enough, his club venue debut was at The Hot Club, NYC in 1996. From that point on, E.M. knew that DJing was his calling and made the commitment to always bring his passion, precision and perseverance to each performance. The career of DJ E.M. simply flourished from then on.


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