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To party with DJ E.M. is to truly experience a connection that fills your ears and the airwaves with unparalleled energy and contagious enthusiasm for life, movement and music.

Born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and being exposed to family and friends in the DJ'ing industry, DJ E.M.'s talent and ear for music developed speedily as an adolescent. He acknowledged his gift and similar to every DJ in the industry, his career started as being the "Official Block Party DJ of the Neighborhood". As the fire hydrant was turned on and the barbecues roasted, the neighborhood danced in delight to the incredible sounds provided by DJ E.M. Word of mouth spread quickly and simultaneously, party-bookings as well. Soon enough, his club venue debut was at The Hot Club, NYC in 1996. From that point on, E.M. knew that DJing was his calling and made the commitment to always bring his passion, precision and perseverance to each performance. The career of DJ E.M. simply flourished from then on.

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DJ Cruel One

New Jersey native, DJ /Graphic Designer, Cruel ONE, has always had a thing for Music and Tattoos. Over the years, he has accumulated several tattoos but his second prize possession tattoo (the first tattoo being the portrait of his son) would be the logo on his right bicep.

"I got my first set of Gemini Turntables back in 1987, where I did neighborhood parties and even did a grade school prom. I found something that I really loved, but it didn't last 'cause I wanted to be with my friends and hang out.

Then in 1996, DJ Cruel ONE was introduced to another neighborhood DJ which was heavy in the mobile DJ scene. He would take Cruel ONE along with him to parties and eventually allow Cruel ONE to do parties on his own.

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DJ Nikko Calor

Coming from a Hispanic background, DJ Nikko Calor is the newest most versatile DJ coming out of South Florida. His passion for various genres of music, live remixing, scratching capabilities, high energy, creative techniques, and ability to produce a party rocking night has allows him to control different crowds in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and around the Globe.  His unique sound, talent and showmanship opened doors for him to quickly venture off to different markets in the industry.

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DJ Extreme

So a star is born, and Dj Extreme proves his name upholds in everything he does, as the Latino community of Chicago revolves around his every whim, every dance step, every hard hitting hit mixed together so fluidly. His beginnings are humble, mixing 9 years ago at Logandale Middle School with only a tape player and old speakers then continuing at cotillions, fundraisers and house parties etc. It is truly a gift to see where he has come from being given little to nothing and facing constant struggle as a Latino in the Chi.

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DJ Dennis da Menace

His creativity and love for music is what sets him apart from other DJ’s. DJ Dennis "DA" Menace has taken his show to places like Las Vegas, Finland, Estonia, L.A., The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Chicago, and of course NYC. Dennis DA Menace is also one of the few, if not the only DJ to take his tunes to the city of Cairo and sharm in Egypt. His popularity in South Beach Miami requires him to travel down there constantly. Reggae Sensation Sean Paul made Dennis his official dj in 2001. Dennis toured with Sean Paul for 4 years. In 2001 Dennis participated in numerous Benefits in NYC for the 911 Victims. Also to note, that as a part of Dennis’ efforts to contribute and help raise awareness on health issues, he was the featured DJ for seven cancer events, three AIDS awareness events and was the DJ for the NY AIDS Walk event as well.


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