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DJ Carlito

DJ Carlito was born on April 20, 1983 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. As a child his mother took him to music festivals (fiesta patronales) and there is where he discovered his passion for music. Occasionally, he would share the stage imitating recording artists. This experience is what set forth the dream to become a DJ. He embraced how music affects the listeners and he wanted to be apart of that. At the age of six, DJ Carlito moved to Brooklyn, New York. This transition exposed him to diverse cultures and all genres of music. With time he built his music collection in both English & Spanish. At 14 years old, he started to DJ with Denon dual CD player, stacking speakers out of his window, blaring different sounds for his neighborhood. Soon thereafter, he began to DJ his own mixes created in his basement, at house parties and community events.


In 2007, DJ Carlito hit the club scene opening for several DJ’s spinning 30 minute sets. Following in 2008, he had his official debut at Remy Lounge in Queens, NY; alongside DJ Spin One and host Laura Stylez. This was the beginning of taking his career to another level. Fellow DJ’s Prostyle, Camilo and Alex Sensation, inspired Carlito to take it further with a determination to make a name for himself.

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DJ La Mafia

Bryan Romano aka DJ La Mafia, was born September 24th, 1982 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since early in his life he’s been into music.

In 2007 he moved to San Diego, CA where he met his now best friend and mentor “DJ martin Kache”.

Martin Kache have been the inspiration for Bryan to become a DJ. Thanks to him learned how to do it.

Today DJ La Mafia is part of the world famous DJ crew called "LOMAXIMOPRODUCTIONS" that it’s all over the east coast and growing fast on the west coast.

DJ La Mafia is a resident DJ at Rumba Lounge, Onyx –Thin, Sevilla Night Club and Pura Night Club in San Francisco.

Dj La Mafia has played in different venues in different cities in California and Arizona like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Scottsdale.

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Martin Kache

You may know him as the "Traffic Mix Dj","The Talk of SAN DIEGO", or even as "El De La Mezcla Perfecta",but the truth is that the "Head Mexican In Charge, is a movement on his own. This MEXICO born ,but DIEGO raised DJ is proud to be MEXICAN. KACHE, who is of MEXICAN decent, has brought nothing but promises and versatility since he set foot in the game. The definition of it, KACHE (A latin slang word that can be used in many ways meaning you are 110 percent & above),its only the beginning of who is "DJ MARTIN KACHE".

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DJ G-Kidd

DJ, remixer, engineer, and web developer isn’t common in most 23 year olds, but for DJ G-Kidd, he not only embraces it, he accepts nothing less than perfection. Donned by many to be years ahead of his time, DJ G-Kidd takes all the chatter and “hype” in stride as he focuses solely on getting better not so much on ‘what could be’.

This humble, yet aggressively focused attitude all roots from a small 2 bedroom apartment in New Jersey that he has shared all his life with his mother and 3 siblings. This is the same 2 bedroom apartment which holds his home-built studio and his weekly practice sessions for 8 years now.

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El Dustu

EL DUSTY is the latest project from Corpus Christi based producer, Dusty Oliveira. Operating behind the mixer and console, Dusty is considered by some to be the inventor of Cumbia Electronica, as he was feeding cumbia into his sound processor and synthesizer before the turn of the millennium. What Lee Scratch Perry is to Reggae, Dus is to cumbia: the Father of Dub. Composer, arranger and ringmaster, Oliveira reinterprets the principals of the Jamaican sound systems of the 1970s, mashes the grimey, electro bass sounds, and always brings together, in his live performances, a panoply of MC's, Singers, as well as musicians and other dj's.


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