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DJ Chuwe

Chuwe, 23, is a dedicated DJ, music producer  of Salvadorian descent from Long Island, NY. Chuwe graduated from the Institute of Audio Research in 2010, specializing in audio recording engineer. Chuwe began his career at 14 as a DJ at local teen bashes and house parties, which would eventually turn into greater opportunities to DJ at clubs throughout the tri-state area and various states and countries.

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Smiley Miami

International concert DJ/Producer, Smiley Miami, known for creating high-energy party experiences worldwide. With regular appearances on Univision and Telemundo tv networks, Smiley Miami produces his sound from his studio in Miami and projects them to the masses. DJing for top artists Jason Derulo in Dubai and Abudabi, the Black Eyed Peas concert at Sunlife Stadium and Madonna concert at the AAA Miami Arena. He surely is the next rising star out of South Florida, takin over the music charts and influencing the moves on the dance floors along the way.

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Frank Roth

Born and raised in the Bronx, Frank Roth created a name for himself by capturing and manipulating crowds through the sequence of his music. At only 23 years old, Roth’s ability to make people move has made him one of the youngest and most requested DJ’s in New York City. With a bachelors degree in Management of Music Enterprises, experience as general manager for Baruch College’s “WBMB Radio”, and internships with media giant “Clear Channel Communications” in their sales and promotions departments from 2012-2013, Roth is no stranger to the radio industry. Roth currently sits atop marketing movement #ROTHNATION, while also directly working with Power 105.1 On Air Talents such as DJ Self, DJ Clue, And DJ Prostyle on a daily basis. Besides DJing in nightclubs stretching from New York City to Miami, Roth also is one of the leading Remixers at; where he creates remixes that have been played by top DJs in radio stations spanning from popular New York City radio stations such as MEGA 97.9 and POWER 105.1 to 96.9 Kiss in San Antonio and MAXIMA 103.1 In Chicago.

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DJ Eleganza

Eleganza grew up in Miami. She arrived in New York City in 2011 with the goal of establishing herself as one of the best Electronic Dance Music DJs in the business. After only a few months, she landed her first New York gig at the famous club Pacha. Working relentlessly on her craft, Eleganza won DJ spots at two online radio stations, Globalmixx Radio and GrooveFox. She also secured a management deal with Alamode Music, working to promote her vision as an artist, producer, and performer. Eleganza is a rising star on social media, where her favorite platform is Instagram: “I love being able to show my fans the things I’m doing, seeing, and thinking about. I’m a very visual person, and Instagram helps me bring my fans closer to my world. Instead of telling them how I feel, I can show them.” Her Instagram account @DJ_Eleganza has over 12,000 followers, and that number is growing fast.

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DJ Carlito

DJ Carlito was born on April 20, 1983 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. As a child his mother took him to music festivals (fiesta patronales) and there is where he discovered his passion for music. Occasionally, he would share the stage imitating recording artists. This experience is what set forth the dream to become a DJ. He embraced how music affects the listeners and he wanted to be apart of that. At the age of six, DJ Carlito moved to Brooklyn, New York. This transition exposed him to diverse cultures and all genres of music. With time he built his music collection in both English & Spanish. At 14 years old, he started to DJ with Denon dual CD player, stacking speakers out of his window, blaring different sounds for his neighborhood. Soon thereafter, he began to DJ his own mixes created in his basement, at house parties and community events.


In 2007, DJ Carlito hit the club scene opening for several DJ’s spinning 30 minute sets. Following in 2008, he had his official debut at Remy Lounge in Queens, NY; alongside DJ Spin One and host Laura Stylez. This was the beginning of taking his career to another level. Fellow DJ’s Prostyle, Camilo and Alex Sensation, inspired Carlito to take it further with a determination to make a name for himself.


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