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Sito Rocks

A specimen of a thrift shop wearing, crazy get down beat junkie, whose outburst for music began in his hometown Miami, Florida. His infatuation for music began at a young age which was inspired by his father, who was a lead percussionist in a salsa band. In High School you could always find Sito banging on the tables creating fresh break down beats that had his class mates jamming and jumping. Till this day, his thirst for music grows stronger causing raucous composing beats with basically anything that makes a sound. With exposure in National television commercials, major Hispanic television programs, cameos in music videos, and the sound of his urban voice on radio spots, he's captivating the attention of many people leaving the public addicted and craving for more…


Known on his driver's license as Benhur Barrero II, this multi talented rapper, worked as a graphic designer and a web designer for an independent record label in Florida in 1998. While juggling a full-time job he was still rapping, producing, scratching records, break dancing, and performing at local clubs. "Before I started to cut my demo back in the day, I was like the neighborhood DJ"; "There wasn't a party in my hood that I wasn't cutting up". Old school friends knew that he was always into break dancing, selling mixed tapes, which he personally mixed down. "I'm a B-boy at heart"; "I grew up around street dancers, graffiti, local M.C.'s and Dj‘s". There was no doubt in anyone's mind that this rising star was one day going to blow up as an entertainer.


In the summer of 2004 Sito Oner Rock was given the opportunity to create an urban “Spanglish” music commercial for Toyota Scion. He co-produced the beat and co-wrote the jingle. On the strength of his delivery, the commercial spent a huge amount of time not only on English and Spanish National Television stations but on radio stations across the United States as well. Sito’s performance and catchy sound attracted the A/R’s of a Major Record Label granting him an offer. This was the official jump off of Sito’s Professional Latin HipHop career.

April of 2005 Sony/BMG released a Latin HipHop compilation entitled “Syndiacto”. Sito Oner Rock was one of the seven artists on the collective compilation. The two featured songs were very commercial and carried massive sex appeal automatically making Sito Oner Rock an underground sex icon.

November of 2005 Sito released an independent street album entitled “The Sito Oner Rock True HollyHood Story Mixtape Documentary”.  An audio documentation of his strives, grind and story behind it all wrapped up in 21 captivating tracks. The Project was arranged and composed in a very creative layout. The Mixtape landed a number 1 spot on and charted top 20 on This mixtape instantly became a Latin HipHop classic in the streets of Florida, California, Texas, New Jersey, & New York. Receiving over 40 spins a day on multiple internet radio stations all across the United States.

The Sito Oner Rock True HollyHood Story Mixtape Documentary became the talk of the streets causing the attention of Univision Television Network’s most watched and successful television show Sabado Gigante. The show granted Sito an offer to become the first host and DJ for the Latin HipHop and Reggaeton segments on the internationally watched show which aired every Saturday for an entire season. This popping urban image of the spectacular television show granted him the opportunity to Co-host a Super New Years Eve Special on Telefutura for 2006 on the popular mid day live show “Escandalo TV”.


Growing up in South Florida a place of many ethnicities, different cultures and sounds Sito’s influence in music is very eclectic. Some of the sounds in music that have influenced Sito’s style are Crunk, Hip Hop, Old School Miami Bass, Merengue, Salsa, Freestyle, Reggae, & Reggaeton just to mention a few.


Sito Oner Rock is becoming the reigning monarch of Latin HipHop with his own entitled movement “Crunkiao” as well as the smooth groove playa for the ladies. His style serves up an intoxicating shot glass of hip-shaking, booty dropping, & cruise control Cadillac pimping with a twist of Latin flavor.


A man in a class of his own that has the desire to leave a permanent impression with his mind blowing creative ideas. This will be the new beginning of endless surprises. Once you thought you've figured out Sito’s patterns and movements, he hits you with something bigger and better each time. Without a doubt, this multi-talented rapper is unstoppable, incredible and on his path to be super star. Ladies and gentlemen, fros and perms, bald heads and long dreads I introduce to you… SITO ONER ROCK!


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