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DJ JR Salsero

DJ JR Salsero is one of the Top Latin DJ's in the Tri-State area as well as traveling abroad.  He's currently the Resident of NJ's largest Latin based party.  He has over a Decade of experience playing all over the US, Canada, Caribbean & Europe. His knowledge of music expands into Hip Hop, Reggae/Reggaeton and House Music, giving him a cutting edge in the Latin Urban scene.

Evolving from a professional dancer to one of the top DJ’s for the Salsa Community & Congresses. Due to his passion for music, unique style and ear for great music, he was able obtain bookings all over the world.

Born in one of the roots salsa Spanish Harlem, and then raised in the southern, Puerto Rico, JR has always had a passion for music and dancing.

He started his music career as a record shop owner which helped him achieve great knowledge of music as well making it possible for him to find, collect and then play many rare gems of salsa classics, to dancing in the salsa scene & music videos and now being of the Elite DJ's in North Jersey.

What separates JR from other DJ's is his extensive knowledge of Latin music and its direction, which gives him a proclaimed popularity for a cutting edge style. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of ENERGY music that fills night clubs.

• Where did your passion for music come from? How did it all get started?
- My passion for music comes from home, since I can remember my mother had very big stereo system we used to call Radiola she was always playing Motown music and I use to love it. Then when we moved to Puerto Rico. Our neighbor had a much bigger system which he played Fania All Stars music all day that’s when I started liking Salsa music.

Many years after I moved back to New York, as the year pass by my passion for Salsa started growing. I started attending many Salsa social events and conventions, one day I ask if I can bring my collection of music and play, from there on I was hooked like a Crack-Head.

• What are your influences? Your Motivators?
- I have many influences, but what really moves me is seeing people feel, dance and enjoy whatever I’m playing for them. That is my biggest high☺!

• Name 3 songs that are stuck in your head right now.
- Beautiful People – Chris Brown
- Give Me Everything – Pitbull
- Timbalero – Hector Lavoe

• What advice could you give to an aspiring DJ trying to break it in the mainstream market?
- Master the craft then forget everything and play

• What are some of your hidden talents?
- Most people hear my DJ name and they assume I only play Salsa music. Salsa started everything for me and open many doors all over the world that’s why I kept the name, but I play many other genres as well as I can play Salsa.

• What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?
- Nothing to crazy, just throw stuff at me.

• Is there an artist you would like to work with but haven’t got a chance to?
- I would work with a wide range of house music artists

• What are you currently working on so that fans could be looking forward to?
- New mix CD coming
- New JR Salsero iPhone and Android apps, so my fans can always have my latest mixes 

• Where can you be found?
- Website:
- Twitter:
- Facebook:

- Booking Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

DJ JR Salsero


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