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DJ JC Flores

Known as one of the goofiest, charismatic, producer/dj’s “Rockstar”, “The Toucan Bird” JC Flores began djing only 2 years ago leading after his “farewell” after party from dancing professionally. He’s always been a big fan of all kinds of music, and being a watchful listener to great dj’s such as DJ Premier, DJ Rectangle, DJ QBERT, DJ Revolution, Kid Capri, Jazzy Jeff, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke, Alex Peace, Bad Boy Bill, Funkmaster Flex, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Red Alert, and many others, it wasn’t long for JC to find his own elemental surroundings and differential mixing styles. Primarily, JC is noted as one of the rarest DJS that love, to incorporate live sampling, remixing, or any other tool that can be manipulated as an instrument for an overall great mix set. It’s always been about the playlist, according to JC. 

What makes a great DJ isn’t what kind of tricks he/she can do, how well they market themselves, or how persistent they work, according to JC it’s always been about the music selection. Once you have that down, everything else falls into place. JC was dubbed “Rockstar” later known now as “The Toucan Bird” from his father due to being the loudest animal in the jungle, in this case “the party”. It wasn’t long before JC came across his long-term mentor and best friend DJ BADDMIXXRICK, and from there JC & Rick would begin what is now known as the MASHUP WRECKAZ. “Mashup Wreckaz” consisting of two dj-producers, providing remixes, party breaks, production work such as imaging, dubs, commercial spots, promos, sweepers, intros, and so forth have launched successfully in such a short amount of time. The Mashup Wreckaz then took on more serious roles such as becoming full fledge members of C4DJ remixers, which would finally evolve into their induction to the exclusive & by invitation only into the world famous “Shadyville DJs”.

JC has dj’d alongside such local djs, such as DJ M3, DJ Hex One,  DJ Mister E, DJ QUAKE, as well as opening up for Cappadonna, DJ 4our5ive (Lil Wayne’s Official DJ) & DJ Whookid (50 Cent’s Official DJ) He has danced & dj’d for the Premios Nuestros in San Antonio, Premios Juventud in Miami, The MTV VMA’s after parties in Los Angeles, Sony Convention in Seattle Washington, Panama City, Panama, The 2009 SXSW Recording Academy “Membership Induction” (also known as Grammy’s) 2010 SXSW Facebook “Platinum-Life Video Game” release party, being selected to represent the Shadyville DJS for a one-week middle-eastern tour to India, as well as other countries & surrounding areas. JC is always on the edge to incorporate new techniques and styles into his overal mix. JC currently serves as the Director of Music for Shadyville DJS, Campaign Music official DJ, Masacre Musical Inc Official DJ., a Hoopla Media Creative Consultant, Coast 2 Coast Radio All-Star DJ, 210TV Host, a Mashup Wreckaz Radio & Remixer.

• Where did your passion for music come from? How did it all get started?
- The passion was always there, I think it was more about how to embrace it and expand to that next level. I use to dance professionally before I got into dj’ing, but I never neglected the art of dj’ing. I remember watching Beat Street, Krush Groove, The Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five “the message” music video, Juice, and the House Party movies, when Martin Lawrence was taking over the crowd behind the decks. It was a really great feeling to just watch how the dj was like the crowd mover, the party rocker, and I wanted to get involved in my own way. After I got back home, I decided to buy two cd players that had a play, stop, and seek back or forward button, and I went from there. It was a lot of fun to try and mix the records by just lowering or raising the volume at the right time and at the right moment. I did this for about 3-4 months until I saved up enough to buy a pair of technic 1200’s. There isn’t any greater feeling then mixing on real vinyl records. I remember the day I got those turntables, my mom had this record collection of all Fania Allstars, and I was just blown away with all these old school salsa, rumba, and merengue records. I later would then meet my production partner, and radio production engineer, DJ Baddmixxrick. He really helped open the doors for me as far as what to expect in the business and really focus on the craft. Now it was hard, because he was never there next to me, showing me what to do or what not to do, being that he’s based out of Dallas and I’m in San Antonio. But all & all, he’s been a big reason for me getting involved and stepping up to the plate.

What are your influences? Your Motivators?
- My influences really rely on the people that stayed with me when I started and to where I’m blossoming today. You can have all the support in the world, but your family whether through blood or not, are my real influences. I attribute a lot of my grind & hustle to my mom & dad. I came from a hardworking Panamanian mom & a persistent never gives up Puerto-Rican dad. So you could only imagine what it was like to live when them growing up. Lol. But, I really love them, and they are constant influences to me and serve as catalysts to keep my fuel going. My other influence would have to be, again, my partner DJ BADDMIXXRICK. When we formed the “Mashup Wreckaz” just a year ago, we were under the intention of really diversifying our sound to the next level. Rick keeps me motivated and influences me all the time. I would like at him like another older brother to me, and its great because we can relate a lot about music and the art of dj’ing. There’s a thing I get told each day, and not until recently, I made it official to address. I get told that I have fans, and that’s cool, but I don’t see my entire toucans & kuiluiquitakas’s out there as fans, but as believers. Everyone that has partied with me, and grew with me as a dj, has been constant supports and believers of what I have done throughout my short career, and they are my omega in every venture that I aspire to do. I just wanted to shout them out & everyone in toucan-nation. I wouldn’t be where I am at today if it wasn’t for them believing in me as well as the support from my parents, and my mentor DJ Baddmixxrick. There are a few motivators that I have encountered through the last 2 years, and right now, I would like to take this time to acknowledge Joseph Barone of JB Artist & Bookings, Nick Hiertsche of Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, Pha the Phenom, Swiffa, Killa Dro, Melat, Lajit, & CLC for Campaign Music, Tito 6 of So Say International, Stick on the Radio of 94.1 KTFM, Francisco Promo of Masacre Musical Inc, and my business mentor Akio of the Shadyville DJS. Francisco Promo has been a great influence in my life and I attribute my latest signing to Masacre Musical to him, De La Ghetto, and Alex Kyza. I thank Campaign Music for always supporting me as their DJ, and I thank Tito for the constant uplifting words that he shares with me everyday, when I’m working in my studio. Stick on the Radio has been a great radio mentor and label professor of the politics and logistics that are involved in the radio industry. I thank Akio of the Shadyville DJS, for helping me learn the business aspect of the hip hop industry, how to network, and to follow up with your contacts once made. I also wanted to take this opportunity and thank the Latino Community in San Antonio, TX for embracing me as another DJ on the rise and wanting to help break their music. Biloksy la Elegancia, Yanuis the beat machine, Yeye Simpson el Dinamico, Julio El Catras, Rico Da barber, Willy Miranda, and Nissy Resto. I can keep going, but in general everyone has been very amiable with me throughout my career and I thank him or her for always believing in me.

What advice could you give to an aspiring DJ trying to break it in the mainstream market?
-  If you’re a DJ wanting to break into the market, always remember to put others before yourself. There is nothing more rewarding when you can break in a new artist on your mixshow, at the club, or an event, and then have someone come up to you and ask, “Who is that?” I would advise to study music rigorously, until you can grasp the fundamentals needed to thrive your career into the next level. If you have support from other people, never forget it was them that believed in you before everyone else did. Always remember to give credit where credit is due, and always remember that if your spinning another dj’s mashup, or remix, transition, blend, party break, or intro, to acknowledge them when someone approaches you wanting to know if you did that or not. Just be honest, be yourself, ask questions, and never give up. “It’s better to assume nothing, then to presume everything,”- Socrates

Name 3 songs that are stuck in your head right now.
- Miguel - All I Want Is You
- 50 Cent - Outlaw
- La Lupe - Que Te Pedir

What are some of your hidden talents?
- This is a good question. Well usually when I’m networking, I’m always affirmative to let people know that since I can’t sing or rap, I try to do everything else. Lol. Right now, I would have to say, I’m focus on showcasing new talent. I like to go and explore new sounds that I believe the world should get accustomed to knowing. I played piano for 8 years when I was younger, and I enjoy working with my partner dj baddmixxrick to provide mixshow tools for djs. Another hidden talent would be the project we launched a few months ago, entitled “Mashup Wreckaz Radio” which is free for download on ITUNES. It’s a mixshow/celebrity interview where we take most popular from yesterday to todays hits, and we remix them, mash them up for our audience to get a different feel then what they are used to hearing. I’m also involved in working with World Star Latino & 210TV, as a host/journalist to provide unique interviews, and great footage for our viewers. My other hidden talent would have to be the drive and motivation I wake up to having every day I wake up.

• What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?
- I wouldn’t really anything crazy to get my attention, but more rewarding to show their support in me. Now it was crazy for me to believe but every once in awhile I’ll get someone that sends me a text of a toucan bird, or the POW word that I embraced from DJ Whookid in which I have been using out here heavily. Some of the craziest moments have been my mom creating me a giant toucan bird mask for me to wear at my gigs, a friend of mine by the name of Melissa Martin for creating some great Toucan covers for me, and Kelly Klose from Image Jewelers for designing a custom sterling silver “Pow” ring for me.

Is there an artist you would like to work with but haven’t got a chance to?
- I would like to work with Swizz Beatz.

What are you currently working on so that fans could be looking forward to?
- Right now, I recently did a mixtape with DJ Whookid entitled “Sights & Sounds” focusing on this artist in San Antonio, TX “Swiffa”. Incredible yet all original music produced by Pha the Phenom and StreetRunner produced one track entitled “This Is”. We recently released the expansion of “Sights & Sounds” which is called “Too Sighted” which has collaborations with Killa Dro, Melat, Lajit, CLC, & Jrocc. You Can download your copy of either “Sights & Sounds” or “Too Sighted” on or Another project I’m working on is the Cartel Conduct mixtape with Flint, Michigan rapper “Tito-6” which will be dropping in early August, which is also another all original music mixtape. I would encourage all to check out the latest mixtape I released with rapper Precizion from San Antonio, TX entitled “Rise & Shine Vol. 1” which features artist J.Ellis. Also within the last few months I’ have been working diligently regarding the anticipated “Homeland Security 2” Mixtape with Shady Records recording artist “Ca$his”. This mixtape has features with Xzibit, Kurrupt, Young De, Yelawolf, Royce Da 5’9, and a few others. The release date we are looking at should be around the middle or end of August, and will be an exclusive Shadyville DJS & Shady Records project. The next project I’m working on will be releasing on July 4th, 2011 entitled “Voltron 2” which features Michigan artist, “Invy Da Truth.” Another great artist, with a unique sound as this mixtape is covering every genre of hip-hop, and therefore creates a unique sound. I recently got signed to Masacre Musical Inc, and I’m working on releasing 3 major projects throughout the fall with De La Ghetto, Alex Kyza, and the other Masacre Musical Inc. Djs. Stay tuned for that! I am blessed to have discovered a great Latin community here in San Antonio with raggaeton and musica’ urban artists that I plan to release a series of EP’s and mixtapes. Look out for Julio El Catras, Yanuis the Beat Machine, Yeye Simson El Dinamico, & Bilosky La Elegance of Nos Fuimos Ent. Finally my partner & I have a podcast that you can check out straight from, which is a podcast that sounds identical to a radio format station. You will here various genres of music mashed up and remixed to your liking made by DJ BADDMIXXRICK & myself. Also if you’re interested in finding out more on your favorite celebrity or dj, feel free to subscribe to our podcast on DJ Skribble & Chris Reeder hosted our latest episode, and Skribble was nice enough to do a guest mix for our show. Thank you again, and quiero dar un fuerte grito a todos los Latinos por ahí que me apoya desde el principio y los que creen en mí, antes y ahora, gracias y que Dios los bendiga.

Where can you be found?
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